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Tango Offers Some of the Best Electricity Plans for Geelong and Western Victoria (via Powercor)

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Tango’s Electricity Prices are one of the best in Geelong and Western Victoria

Tango offers one of the best electricity offers in Geelong when compared to AGL and Dodo electricity in the Powercor Western Regional Victoria area.

Unfortunately as at December 2018 Tango Energy does not have an online sign up, to sign up requires calling on 1800 010 648.  The time to sign up is only about 10 minutes and a good 5 minutes of that is the waste of time common sense blurb about the cooling off period and your rights.

Here we compare Tango’s prices with Simply Energy’s RACV plus plan.  Tango compares well with fewer conditions to be met (eg you don’t need to be an RACV member).

Tango electricity plans offer very transparent ‘zero discount’ pricing.  Which means instead of applying a headline discount rate to a usage rate to then get the real or net rate in c/kWh, Tango displays the net rate upfront with no ‘% discount’ to be applied.

If you sign up under the “Home eSelect” which includes paperless bills and direct debit payments, you will also get a $50 sign up credit

In the table below all prices include GST and are correct from Tango’s Energy Price Fact Sheet of 12 June 2018.   Any queries about the pricing please let us know at [email protected]

The pricing is straight forward with a daily supply charge of $1.056 per day and a usage charge of 18.634c per kW.

Tango Electricity Price Comparison for Western Victoria

The Powercor western Victoria region includes Geelong, Colac, Mildura, Echuca, Cobram, Shepparton, Bendigo, Kyneton, Ballarat, Horsham and Warrambool.

Use this table to compare costs with your current electricity bill.

kWh usage per daySupply charge in cents per kWUsage charge in cents per kWSupply + Usage in cents per kW1 day cost $30 day cost $90 day cost $

Who owns Tango Energy?

Tango Energy is based in Geelong, Victoria and is the retail arm of Pacific Hydro.   Pacific Hydro is a wind and hydro renewable energy provider based in Melbourne, Victoria.

Contact details for Tango Energy

Email [email protected] or phone 1800 010 648.

What distributors and areas does Tango Energy cover?

Tango covers Victorian and South Australian gas and electricity customers via several distributors including Ausnet (eastern regional Victoria), Citipower (CBD and Inner suburbs of Melbourne), Jemena (North West Melbourne), Powercor – Western Regional Victoria, United Energy – South Eastern Melbourne ans Mornington Penisnsuala.



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