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Simply Energy Electricity and Gas Deal Review for RACV Members June 2017

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The analysis below has been updated with the Simply RACV Plus deal which offers 45% off electricity since 26 September 2018.


To help compare electricity and gas suppliers we are doing common sense deal reviews to try and decipher the marketing blurb into what it might mean for your actual electricity and gas bills.

Below is one deal review from Simply Energy for RACV members

Headline points of the deal

  • $50 online credit (The online part means it doesn’t apply if you call them to sign up and it’s split in half $25 credit for electricity and $25 credit for gas)
  • 40% off electricity usage charges – usage charges are not shown, so 40% off what number we don’t know
  • 25% off gas charges – again usage charges are not shown, so 25% off what number is unknown.
  • You must pay on time to get the discount, if you don’t pay on time I suppose the assumption is the discounts are removed altogether?
  • The discount does not apply to supply or other charges.
  • 24 month contract or ‘benefit period’ with no exit fees, so the contract is a lock in for them not you?  I’m sure they can change rates mid-contract term if they like, if you do want to leave before the end of 24 months you can free of charge.  So the ‘term’ is a hangover from legal contracts requiring a term, in this context, it seems pretty meaningless.

Example Electricity costs per day with Simply Energy

kWh usage per daySupply charge in cents per kWUsage charge in cents per kWSupply + Usage in cents per kWPer day cost $30 day cost $90 day cost $40% discount '$ savings' over 90 days

From the advertisements, you are sent to where you are asked for your name RACV member number before you can proceed (hopefully to find out the actual usage charges) then you are asked for your postcode.

If you are on a ‘flexible pricing tarriff’ then you have to call to get rates, they won’t show the rates online.  Flexible pricing tariff meaning peak, shoulder, and off-peak depending on the time of day when electricity is used.

Then you have to enter your name, email, address, date of birth and answer 4 questions about your address and if you own the property

Next questions are how you would like to pay.

I still haven’t seen the actual price yet!  So I found the Simply Energy compare plans link in the footer of the page – phew!

I get to the base rates which are below.  The base rates also refer to Market Contract Terms and Conditions which is a 33 page booklet.  There is no mention of $ or kWh in the terms and conditions.  You can terminate the contract by giving 20 business days’ notice. However, after the contract ends they will continue to sell you energy on the same terms until you enter into a new contract with them or transfer to another retailer

I don’t think the peak and off peak is very attractive unless you work at night and sleep during the day.

Using the single rate meter rates peak at 29.106c/kWh discounted 40% is 17.464c/kWh plus supply charge of $1.2765 (all inc GST).

Standardising the supply charge across an average 15kW/h per day usage adds  8.51c per kW/h or 25.974c per kWh.

Simply Energy Electricity Rates (June 2017)

Single Rate meter (Peak) Unit exc. GST Inc. GST
Peak per quarter cents/kWh 26.4600 29.1060
Controlled Load 1 per quarter cents/kWh 18.4000 20.2400
Supply Charge
Supply Charge cents/day 116.0500 127.6550


Two Rate meter (Peak/Off Peak)
Peak (7am-11pm, Mon-Fri) cents/kWh 34.0500 37.4550
Off Peak (11pm-7am, Mon-Fri & Sat-Sun) cents/kWh 19.3800 21.3180
Supply Charge
Supply Charge cents/day 116.0500 127.6550

Simply Enery Gas Rates (June 2017)

Up to 30/09/2017: Unit exc. GST Inc. GST
First 6083 MJ per 2 months cents/MJ 2.1900 2.4090
Next 6084 MJ per 2 months cents/MJ 2.1500 2.3650
Next 73000 MJ per 2 months cents/MJ 1.4600 1.6060
Remainder per 2 months cents/MJ 1.4200 1.5620
Supply Charge
Supply Charge cents/day 79.9100 87.9010

Electricity rates depend on the type of meter at your property. Please refer to the back of your bill for your meter type. These rates may change from time to time in accordance with our Market Contract Terms and Conditions.



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