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Switching Electricity Supplier to Save Money

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Electricity price comparison comes down to one number, cost per unit of energy consumed, or cost per kilo watt (kW).  Unfortunately for retailers if it came down to one number all the ‘products’ would look the same because essentially they are all selling the same product.

So marketers introduce price differentiation – they know they have the same product but lets try and make it look different.

When you buy power you are buying the energy you consume and also a proportion of cost to maintain the network.  If you dont have solar power getting electricity is very convenient you connect a cable to your house and the rest is up to the provider.

With solar power you are responsible for the roof panels, the inveter, the connection to your house and the batteries if you have them.

Daily supply costs, to covert daily supply to an average cents per kilowatt divide it by average daily usage.  So if daily supply cost is 1.40 and average usage is 20 kW per day then it adds 7c per kW to the actual kW charge.

Electricity charging is all about one number kW h

Electricity provided to your house from an energy distributor is the same irrespective of who you buy it through.  To make it look different they price it differently or marketing teams at each retailer create price differentiation.

Unfortunately, it’s like trying to get more pay from your current employer the best bargaining position you can put yourself in is to make it clear that you don’t need them and you have an alternative to them, for example another job.

The same applies with many suppliers like, mobile phones, gas and electricity, if you can clearly show you have a better alternative they are forced to act or lose business.  The twisted part is some of the energy companies won’t believe you until you do it and then you can leave come back as a ‘new’ customer and they feel like they have done a better job.  From a consumer perspective it does appear sometimes to be a massive waste of their energy!

Powercor, now has a customer web portal which allows you to send your smart meter data directly to Victorian Energy Compare, allowing for the most accurate comparisons. More information

New Entrants to the Electricity Market Since Deregulation – pretty cool online app 1300 431 871 claims a % discount, not really useful until you know its a % off what?

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