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Dodo Cheapest Electricity Deal for Geelong and West Victoria in 2021

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The Dodo 2021 Electricity Offer

Dodo’s 2021 offer of 94.14 cents per day supply charge, consumption cost of 20.58c/kWh plus 12c/kWh solar feed-in tariff makes it one of the cheapest offers in Victoria on the Powercor network. Powercor covers most of Western Victoria

Tango Energy Electricity Offer

Tango Energy was previously one of the better offers in the Victorian Market on the Powercor network. However, Dodo has now beaten Tango for a simple clear rate plan with simply cheaper electricity rates.

For example, a typical Tango Energy plan from 2020 would offer rates of around $1.21c per day supply charge, consumption cost of 21.12c/kWh and solar feed-in tariff of only 10.2c/kWh. Many Victorians would still be on a plan like this or similar.

Dodo Vs Tango Electricity Offers

Using an example of 15 kWh per day average energy usage and 8 kWh Solar generation for the day.

Daily cost with Dodo is 94.14c supply + (20.58c x 15kWh) usage = $4.03 without solar.

Daily cost with Dodo with Solar feed-in at 8 kWh x 12c = 96c net daily cost $3.07

Over 100 days or a bit over 3 months the Dodo cost is $307.

Daily cost with Tango at $1.21c supply + (21.12 x 15 kWh) usage = $4.38 without solar.

Daily cost with Tango with Solar feed-in 8kWh x 10.2c = 81.6c with a net daily cost of $3.56

Over 100 days the estimated Dodo cost is $307 and the estimated Tango Energy cost is around $356.

The Savings with the Dodo offer are around $50 per 100 days or $182 over a year.

Dodo is Australian Owned

Dodo is owned by M2 Energy Pty Ltd which is in turn owned by Vocus Group in Australia and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange ASX:VOC

Tango Energy is Chinese Owned

Tango Energy Pty Ltd is owned by Pacific Hydro Australia is in turn owned by the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) of China (since January 2016) – source:

Pacific Hyrdo was fined $1.1M in July 2021 for breaching National Electricity Rules (NER) source:

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